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V6.11.0 Soul Order, Relic Augment Gallery

Dec 07, 2020

Update time: 2020-12-8

New Content

1. New feature: Soul Order (lv.170)

> Soul Order can greatly increase the stats of your Companions as well as a bonus to all stats of deployed characters. You can increase a Companion's Soul Order level by spending Companion shards of another Companion that's one quality lower.

2. New feature: Relic Augment Gallery (lv.122)

> Upgraded Gallery when Relic Augment reaches certain levels and gained lots of Stats.

3. Added loading pictures of Raven and Christmas Party

4. Mythic Wings: Wings of Volcanus - Ascended&Dragonslayer - Ascended

5. Added Outfits Augment for Amora's Oath and Origin of Life

6. Raven Skin

7. Unlock Desktop App Pass for R2 and ESgames

8. Added Domain of Calamity to Mystic Domain

9. New Artifact+ Divine Arma: Scepter of the Dragon

Game Improvements

1.Lowered the requirements for opening Illusion Treasures quests

2.Improved shop rewards, Spoils rewards, and Season rewards of X-Server League

3.Added App download prompt when logging in the game(GTA only)

4.Displayed the specific duration of Contest and Result period in Apex Clash League

5.Fixed some known bugs


Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes in the development plan. Final updates will be determined in-game.

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