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New feature !Heavenly Treasures

May 06, 2021

New feature ????Heavenly Treasures???? is available now!

Reach lvl 130 to unlock it!!!

Now let's learn how to play:

????A Rules

Upon entering for the first time, players will start at the beginning of stage

1. Roll the die to move forward based on the roll and pick up rewards from reward slots along the way.

2. Players will stop at monster or boss slots and must defeat them to move forward, or go back 1 slot if they fail to defeat the enemies.

3. Players will also stop at lucky slots to select a reward before continuing.

4. When players reach the last slot of a stage, they will need to defeat the boss to enter the next stage, or go back 1 slot if they are unable to defeat the boss.

5. Excess steps from the previous stage will not be carried over, and all players will start the next stage at the first slot.

????B Dice Rolls

1. Players may roll the die for free 5 times per day, and more rolls may be purchased.

2. Free rolls are reset at 12:00 a.m. daily.

????C. About Auto-play

1)  Players can start auto-play by tapping the auto-play button.

2)  Auto-play benefits will be calculated even when players are offline.

3)Auto-play time is reset at 12:00 a.m. daily even if the players are in auto-play at that time.

4)Auto-play benefits will be rounded up.


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